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These are trifles,
Things we left behind
And let go,
Let fly up
And away

Slices of memory

& desperate
Begging to be lovedů

Those are childhood things
We put them away


Pull them back down to earth
Cradle them
Let them rest
In the hollow at your collarbone
In the curve of your top lip

Let them burrow into your skin
A little confusing
Distort your face
but let them dig,
let them in
Let them find your heart
So they may sleep

Graze the places beneath your flesh
Where they hide,
(Drinking your blood to stay alive)
Making perforated patterns

Squeeze your eyes shut
Until, like a balloon at a party,
The memories will burst
And though they will cling to you,
It is safe now to build new ones
To cast them away,
To say goodbye
And begin a new chapter

Because you, my dear, are not a child
However young you may feel
You have, by some magic,
Grown up

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