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untitled IV
I want you so close to me. Our bodies and beings sync gracefully. I'll hold you forever and you'll hold me, dreaming and realizing we're where we want to be. I'll kiss you gently as you mold into my form. Never let go and I'll keep you warm. Your essence transcends anything in this universe. For I'll love you til they place me in a hearse. Even then I'd be loving you, watching you live your whole life through. I'd be loving you from above to be sure you get more than enough. But that's neither here nor there. For I love you today, tomorrow and everywhere. I love you at home. I love you at the park. I love you at the bookstore. I love you when it's dark. I love you when it's bright. I love you at the theater. I'm gonna love you each and every passing year. I love your soul-your warm, gentle soul. I love your lightness and your ability to keep me whole. I love your humor-you send the laughter straight through me. I keep a smile, and that's how it should be. I smile at you because your smile infects me true. And if that smile should break from you, I'd let you go to find another one true. But that won't happen, my love, I swear of it. Because if that day should come, I'll know I could've stopped this. So now, be mine, and let me feed your soul. For you and only you make my heart feel swole.


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