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Dear mr.Heart
so here we are, in our secret place…where the sound of the crowed so far away… dear MR. Heart we both have our dreams, we both wanna fly, we both wanna be free… so let’s take tonight to carry us thru the lonely times… dear MR .heart let’s run away flying… and go higher so high… To a different place, to outta space… we can land in the moon, there we can have a romantic date… I'll make love to you cuz you've been messing it so hard… I'll cool you down then warm you up… and I’ll try to heal every part… I'll mend all what have been broken deep inside… then we'll go back floating and flying even higher than that… catch some stars or play catch with the falling stars… I want us to fly together outta this world, just you and me all alone… erasing all the memories forgetting everything, letting go of everything... let’s run away flying there’s nothing much left for us in here… we need new life, new rhythm, new things to recognize... we need good surprises cuz we're tired of disappointments… we're gonna learn happiness like we've learnt the alphabets… and we'll master it… together we can make songs then you can tell everybody that these are our songs…you make the beat and I'll write the words… and we'll keep flying, flying so high so far… we'll be glowing like the suns and the stars… we'll sing with all the voices of the mountains and paint with all the colors of the wind… we won’t even fall asleep cuz we won’t wanna miss a thing… dear MR .heart let’s run away flying and never get back in here... never remember anything... shake the loneliness and sadness of each other’s backs… we only have each other till the ending and from the start… and that’s all what we need... dear MR .heart


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