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colors of the dark
Lemme grab a piece of paper I feel like painting 2day… I be usin the colors: pain, lust and vain Dis paint will represent: Simplifyin of the needs to complicate the solutions… and openin doors for imagenation… evil or good can both stitch up the wounds somehow… as the ego stands on da way of admitting our flaws... which leaves no room for salvation… anothr way 2 complicate solutions I dono why I got so technical all I wntd was 2 draw a paintin to express the facts I’ve learnt... and da facts that left me burnt… they’re both the same facts dat shocked me and got me thinkin... will I make in more years l8er? Or in 2 years l8er…facts made me think will I even make it to more days l8er?? I’d start with the nights of sadness and shame… when its almost morning and u only have ur self 2 blame… feelin like no one can hate you more than u h8 ur self and nothing could hurt u da way u did 2 ur self then I’ll draw circles representing curb and restrain… and draw squares represinting confusiouns and blame... I wanna paint the joy dat seems 2 be lost so easy… and paint the sadness that never seem to fade away easily... I’ll give colors 2 da smoke that I blow hopin dat pain and hurt will be blown within it... it’s a state of mind and faith that dat makes happiness unwanted… it grows with us till it grow bigger than us… imma add a face, a face grieving but at da same time laughin greivin bout decisions, mistakes, words and verities of concerns unspoken... and laughing at how ironic that dey happened… but also thinkin that maybe there’s still a hope... or maybe death will jus relief us all... Ummm I feel like paintin those convulsions of the thoughts that I have, thoughts that couldn be expressed by words… and ask a question is there such a thing as right or wrong? Now I realize that Ma picture can be drown so easily coz I got provides of all the colors I need… not the black or white no... I mean da hurt and hollow... colors that people usually don wanna show… dey cover them up by their teeth full smiles... or by makin those fairy tales distractin them selves from fallin for the fact.. that the end is always sad… actin like all the respect for hallows even tho crimes and sins have desecrated all hallows... I wake up 2 this paintin every mornin and resort to it every night… even tho all I find is nightmares and dark… I look at every heart and da color is black I go to every building to realize its a wrack tryina find ways out but ma mind is all blank sorrow got me waving the white flag lust is eatin me up like a lil snak it made me wana throw ma self in a dark empty shack and never get it back… I guess I wont be paintin it cuz this life wouldn’t need any more colors of dark


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