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Climbing mountains while dreaming of beaches
Edging my way with ice underneath far above the crumbled rock below I feel as though I may fall if I move yet I press on I felt so overwhelmed when I was low staring up to the endless top Yet I stepped on Up I go itís so cold now I feel the want to stop but if I do I know that Iíll quit And I may never reach the top Oh how I wish that I was laying on a beach with warm sand and the thunderous sound of water crashing close at hand But I am climbing up farther than ever before and I Ďd bet that the seagulls on that beach would see me and soar Just a little bit further and Iíll reach the top I must not drift off for I fear it may cause me to stop But the kids are playing on that nice warm beach And the top has been too far of a travel and out of my reach Focus! I must press on Climbing the last step I now stand on something that I could not explain how grand but the world seems small from where I do now perch the top is mineÖno longer do I search beaches could not compare to the sweetness of this thin air I am so high above the ground that many will never be most people will not have this view they will have to settle for a beach by the sea.

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