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A Love Poem
As I sit alone time will fade / Breathing slowly, my pain delayed / Can you hear my heart beat this night? / Drugs are finally setting in delight. / Even the darkness is laughing at me / Fighting the urge to stay, I must be free / Getting closer to the end, what more could I do? / Having my mind clear, I'm not focused on you / I just want a new life, even if it's with the dark / Just a simple life, maybe I'll leave my mark / Knives are down, times are tough / Loving you was not enough. / Monsters to befriend, mountains to climb / Nightmares to battle, fighting through slime / Open the door, walk on through / Past is behind me, especially you. / Quietly I walk on by / Red strikes are seen across the sky / Stars of green, the moon is whole / These are the things I can control. / Until I realize the problem is you / Vulnerable to all the things I never knew / Why can't you see it's for the best / Xray the heart inside of my chest. / You have been waiting to long for me to be free / Zero chances do you have left with me.

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