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You broke my heart today. I want you to be happy anyway. I went through hell and back with you, Now sheís reaping what Iíve sowed? Funny How Things Go! You flipped on lights and the TV too. All on my candle light rendezvous!! Now she gets candle lit by you? Just cause you call her your boo. I sacrificed my life to you, Spent all my time for you! I wonít let love hold me back no more. There ainít no guarantee it wonít end in divorce. Iím convinced people come to us for a reason or season. Staying together forever, Huh! It just ainít so. Funny How Things Go! I should have made my own dreams come true Instead of all of the focus being put on you. You broke my heart today.. But I want you to be happy anyway. You can appreciate the things I introduced to your life, Now that Iím no longer your wife!! Huh! Funny How Things Go! © 2010 BoSweets

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