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Hitler Family Rerunion [part 1]

Hi my name is Hitler. You may know me from such things as..The Hollacaust, and Hitler's Re-Fried beans. which of course was shut down, during hollocaust. But here is a different story, the untold story. About my family rerunion. It went something like this...

One hott day. I, Hitler, was walking down Kakghkabhgkhuirnagkfdjson Lane in Auschwitz, when i saw a beautiful young women, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I quickly walked up to her.

Me: Hi my name Is Adoulph Hitler. Call me Hitler. What is yours?

Mysterious Women: My name is Eva. Eva Braun.

Me: Oh well, i would like to know, if maybe...

Eva had the most beautiful eyes and i stared into them, dumbfounded by the question.

Eva: Well if you're asking me on a date i will except. But first tell me something about yourslef Alphie.

Me: Adoulph.

Eva: Whatever. But what religion are you? Momma' said i can't go off maryying any Jewsih men now.

Me: Ahh, I am.. uhh.... Christian... I ahte the Jews. hahaha. Kill the Jews.

I was shocked by what i said. I love jewish people.

Eva: Good then . Where shall we go?

Me: Well... I am on my way to a family rerunion. Would you like to call.

Eva: I will. Let's be on our way...

Now.... I might have lied about hating Jews. But it's not like anyone would die. War wouldn't break out. It seemed as if everything was at peace with the world...

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