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-summer- poetry month..poem #1
edwin openda
A Shadow in Summer I walk down the path, On my right, a man is in pain On my left, a child enjoying the playground swing What a lovely childhood i miss. I see the clouds darkening Soon it will start raining cats and dogs I remember of Today’s responsibilities, And start thinking of how i will get em Not easy but yes i can. I would wish for a time machine To take me back to specific times in the past That still linger in my mind Where laughter filled the air. As i let my mind wander and gather this thoughts of good, Am careful not to point a finger.cause three will be pointing back Beautiful memories of me with loves of my life Keep coming as i wish the word RIGHT had a proper meaning This pen keeps jotting down as i focus to the Evening The expression “cultural smorgasbord” makes a lot of sense, Last night she liked my style The conversation kept the night busy oh Beautiful summer welcome home I have been patiently waiting for you. source:my blog@ www(dot)openda(dot)co(dot)cc

Tags: poems

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