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In the beginning,
Possibilities lead the way,
Pulling partners closer together despite their many differences,
Dragging them behind each other,

Why do fools fall in love?
Thereís no such thing as a perfect partner,
But the possibility of perfection exists,
The want for one to perfect them self for that special someone,
Creates an unusual type of self perfection,
Perfecting their perfect flaws to please their imperfect partner,
Anticipating that one day the other would want to do the same,
Possibilities can brings two people together,
You know, kept them near, willing to care and share,
Endure bad times, Enjoy good times

A loverís heart holds onto possibilities,
Just like the sky appears,
Possibilities are endless,
Picture yourself pondering on the possibilities of being with one you cared about,
Knowing they did not feel the same way,
You knew you was in denial, but held onto: Possibilities,
Possibilities of what could have been, should have been,
But deep down inside you always knew could not be,
The relationship ends and you still wonder why
The answer is simple: Because of the possibilities.

Cupids are overrated. Blame those possibilities.

Tags: philosophy