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Terra Cotta Memories


Listless wind sways the garden walls

Unyielding flames wash upon the shore

Rustling waves spring the life from sleep

Sad death knows me not

As I smell the scintillating scent of pine

And ponder this existence

A brazen cloud hangs over me

And dabbles in the frantic haze

You seem to stir something in me

Of which I can't explain

The days of pain and suffering

Just whisked away on a puff of smoke

Saying what I want to say

Is not done with ease

Terra cotta memories

Flash like lightning on sand

While stories of a new brigade

Stick like tar to the wall

Heroes never give in to the night

Standing tall in their spiteful defiance

Forboding in the dawn

Plastic casing bullet shells

Collecting on the cobble stones

Jilted laughing

Briskly flying

Lovers away make haste

Dizzy spiraled phantom beams

Shot straight against the stars

Arousing images disguised in humor

I feel you passing by

Fatalistic uses

For your drowsy poisons

Resist the urge to bring me pain

Extract your blood

From another host

Lazy haunting inquiries

Can I pass the test?

Bring the darkness down around me

In my excrutiating pain

Lumber forth, forgive the harness

Do not let the lie betray you

Ease onto the pegasus

Grasp the leather reigns

Ride the thunder to the morrow

Fight the lamb tooth and nail

For every gaining inch

Slip away from this intrusion

And melt your silver cage

Chaos loves good company

A ghastly fevered pallor

Adorns your scarlet face

Evil frowning minions

Escape to your throne

Dying in the sunlight

Is never quite the case

Encumbered fear

Ensnared by frost

Strip away the fattened gods

And damn their burning temples

Revolution lies just beyond

The awe-inspiring horizon

Spirit away these shackles

Let my soul roam free

Distance grows

Unburdened seeds

I still don't know your name

Fantastic curse of ecstasy

Boiled in a potion

As you fall from consciousness

Into my bleeding arms

I'll tempt a kiss

Upon your lips

Enslaved upon my shrine



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