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Tangerine Sky


Flashy baskets

Filled with roses

Tears for another day

I squeak by on wheels of stone

Outdated in this confidence

Style is an issue

Of motionless debate

Bruising frowns

Tempered scowls

Clashing yawns

Do not much ease my tension

If you had only asked of my affections

Without inundation of your lies

Deny the games

And leave my head alone

My heart is not a toy

That you dredge out at playtime

And discard it in the end

Your endless parades

Your token flaunting

The sweet anticipation

Of your sassy kiss

Mercy to the weak of passion

The cages in which they live

Emotional rescue looms ahead

Like sunbeams over the horizon

My gold is waiting as my rainbow fades

In a brilliant tangerine sky

Majestic visions move me

Towards the fountain pen

The words spill forth

And splash the pages

Like paint on canvas

Our fingers as the brush

Climbing higher with each stroke

I want to find the land of dreams

Nightmares quelled by brazen dawn

Half-hearted stampedes

Across the landscape of time

Oceanistic ruins

Daring scars for the battlefield

Illogical dancers storm the barn

In hopes of a glimpse

Of the sweet summer corn

Dark is the day without you

Floating gently

To the palms of God

Intricate rhythms pulse with your touch

Messages from the heavens

Encoded in the stars

My desire wavers

Like wind through grain

Soon, a memory you'll be

So foreign to my recognition

Distance is the only key

To quench the fire's thirst

If my arms are not your home

Then bon voyage

And c'est la vie

I'll kiss upon your matted brow

And send you on your way



Tags: lost love

That's awesome! I really love this poem!