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Virgin Embrace


You stand before me washed in dew

Bristled clean in passion

Hair a mix of lathered sunbeams

And youthful boyish lust

A torso breathing paint to canvas

Images of sweet crystal perfection

Sweet soft warmth seducing

My overwhelming want

Hypnotic eyes and delicate lips

Beg the kiss like fire

For years I have longed to touch

This flawless man

His body finally mine

I thought the moment to not arrive

I prayed the gods would grant

This scandal dream to truth

But now I fear as it alights

That from the dream I'll wake

My knees grow weak with expectation

My body quakes with queer desire

When we touch, I come alive

The love, it swells inside

I've never tripped this dance before

I'm consumed by mad excitement

Forever spiraling up to heaven

The ladder that we climb

Soul completing doses

Of dazzling magnetic exlplosions

A ripened mix of alluring chemistry

A potion drank in haste

A grace of God's sweet angels

Kissing on your face

Hands are locked, bodies joined

Majestic coital embrace

Embark the journey's sacrifice

As we bleed out the night



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