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Romance Robust


Star streaked skies

Blood stained cries

Building lies

On severed ties

Ocean grown

Cut to the bone

All alone

Battered by stones

Lovers lost

Succumbed to cost

My world is glossed

With cool spring frost

Window panes

Love to gain

Dreadful refrain

The fight to stay sane

All out of luck

Heart hit by a truck

Rather be moonstruck

Doubt run amok

Trapped in the light

Enraptured by night

Can't lose sight

Must face the fight

Losing my grip

Lucidity slips

Reality rips

So righteous a trip

Master the plan

Making new fans

The room is scanned

For the perfect man

Beginning to doze

'Cause love never grows

When icy wind blows

In absence of a rose

Reputations to smear

New love I fear

Filter the tear

With nothing to cheer

Romance robust

Lessened by lust

Committed to trust

Want you I must

Each night I pray

Just one look my way

You'll make it okay

And never betray

A fortune fortold

A lover to hold

Bereaved and consoled

Forever gold



Tags: lost love

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