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The Pledge


While dancing in life's parade

I dreamt of drinking lemonade

Feeling exposed beneath the stars

You pulled me close and kissed my scars

My feet are buried in happiness

But in your arms I feel quite blessed

When we kiss, I feel so pale

But yet, I'm thinking on a larger scale

I want to curb these tears from streaming

Your love, so real, it keeps redeeming

I feed on you, sweet sexy nutrition

Obsessive wanting, a sad condition

I wish upon the stars of orion

That we love among the dandelions

I travel with a lost identity

To preserve my fading dignity

So please forgive this brief intrusion

As I attempt to find conclusion

Lukewarm memories in a holding pattern

You fit around me like rings on Saturn

Swooping through a sky of light rose

Soaring higher into the cosmos

Dashing dares and torturned gambles

You bring me calm when I start to ramble

Your nearness, such an emotional rush

No amount of absence can cure this crush

I won't be gone when daylight sets

A fool deserves what he gets

I heard your voice on the phone line

I knew then I wanted you to be mine

So mysterious, this early stage

You stir desires of the teen age

You've ripened this frog into a prince

Of your devotion, I am convinced

I make this vow to never turn away

In your life, I shall always stay

This passion will remain so true

As so I pledge my love to you



Tags: love

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