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Your casual bliss

Makes me weep

Your soulless kiss

I cannot keep

I can't exist

On half a heart

Can't persist

Should we part

You dance like ice

Upon my grave

You pay the price

By the dignity you save

You walk about

All shadows and gloom

You start to pout

When I'm trapped in my tomb

You think you've found

A smarter way

But I'm still bound

By the things you say

I take my stand

My soul is torn

But on this land

I'll be reborn

My zest for life

Won't be suppressed

While you are rife

With needs to impress

The stately choir

Blossoms fruity blues

While Hades fire

Chars distant truths

As you went off

To fight your windmills

I sat and scoffed

Beside my windowsill

Attempting to sort

My mis-shapened past

You'll try to abort

This affair cannot last

Pawning your lot

Of mutilated love

What you've got

Just needs a good shove

Your rising fear

Will be your undoing

Madness and tears

Are ever brewing

Aspire like me

A diamond in the ruff

Can we ever be

Truly blissful enough



Tags: lost love

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