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Dream Lover


My fair haired boy

Your sweetness gaining strength

Skin so smooth and inviting

As if you were sculpted on silk

Eyes the color of ocean and sky

Oh, I could get lost for days

In that special shade of blue

Lips that bed for my kiss

A smile that melts the frozen dawn

So many dreams of you

Asleep at my side

Soft breath on my chest

So many fantasies you have made

So many overnight romances

In my head

Forever burned in my thoughts and memories

So angelic in your grace

Your devotion is amazing

A love that I could never have fathomed

The dreams of you and I

Ecstatically intertwined

Two bodies becoming one

Our fires burning from within

A long begged for dream

Finally comes true

It's like coming home

To the warmest safest place on earth

How I wish you were real

And could come to me tonight

To never leave my side or bed again

To have and to hold

'Til the end of time

But for now

I guess your nightly visits

Will have to suffice

But do not fear my dear little boy

I shall hold the dream

Close to my heart

Until you appear to me

With a symphony of violins

And a choir of angels

Heralding your arrival

Riding a lightning bolt to me



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