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Shower Of Light


A dazzling dream

In a double breasted tux

A wandering star

Shooting across the sky

Soul drenched in jasmine

Heart dressed to kill

As we waltz in a shower of light

And let the heat cleanse the sin

Bruised and cliched

Walking with broken bent

Flirting with the beast

Begging to get maimed

Let the passion mount

So very eager to burn

Sweet Gabriel

Let this gaze connect

So distant and desolate

Stranded in your tropic paradise

Your bouts of saddness

Become so disheartening

Let me blow your clouds away

The night begs your name

Turn it away and enter my chamber

Until the dawn burns anew

Set your style to play

So to gain a new view

Of the devotion

That burrows in the caverns

Of my ever bleeding heart

Feel my grace

Embracing the beauty of the spirit

Inifintely flying

To gaze on a new breathtaking sight

Blessed be this day

For it belongs to you and I

As you take me in your arms

And we travel down the road

Hand in hand

Soul to soul

Hearts and minds as one

Only you can end this madness

That constantly darkens me

Let us illuminate the shocking dawn



Tags: love

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