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Final Waltz


Dancing lilies

In a string of pearls

Raptured rhythms

In a sea of flesh

Bogus chances

Harkened by song

Sweet foreboding

In a strawberry swirl of limelight

Plucking heart strings

Like a symphony of pain

Jade drizzle

Falling in the guise of

A floral spring shower

Wet drops beaded on skin

Like early morning dew

On the petals of a daffodil

September breezes

Warming with a chill

Moving beauty

Captivating my stare

Leading promises

Never delivered

Drink the spirits

Arise in the dark

Shed your shell

Remove the mask

Reveal your true face

Gentle boys frolic

In the liberating thunderstorm

Brisk waves

Washing over me in the cool evening light

Moonbeams calling my name

Distant stars

In a choir of my song

The wind whispers love in my ear

Blonde hair tossed to the side

Chest heaving

In the grace of ecstasy

My spirit is lifted to the heavens

Every time you flash those ocean blues

I'll be the shield

That protects you from

The sand and grit

That blows this day

Come courage so vintage

Agelessly spilling into me

Fill my mind with your

Matronly caress

Dim the lights

For this final waltz



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