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Dream Dance


Haunting visions

Frozen in time

Floating on the palm frost haze

Gluttonous spaces

Of golden scarlet sunsets

Doubt ridden

In this fearsome riddled universe

Bursts of emeralds

And spheres of amber

Dance in your eyes

Prick of the thorn

Bleed the wound

Waves of sand and salt

In a lucious wind storm

I want to dance this dream

Through the sunbeams

Into the star shine

Until icy blue breezes

Welcome me to the dew fresh morn

Lazy willows

Sagging with guilt

Dancing ripples

On skin skipping stones

Passioned encounters

In a candle lit room

On a bed of rose petals

Mercury rises

In the heat of this quake

Blood is spilling

Draining tears

Clouds are swirling

Cyclone lightning

A whirlwind devil

Devouring enchantment

Destructible mortals

Of the undying spirit

Overwrought emotions

Flaming embers

Ebb the flow

Of the chaotic tidal waves

Rolling in my soul

Like a howling mongrel

Lonely is the night

Wretched monsters

Stalking, taunting

Villians moaning

Hidden glances

In the hourglass

Changing programs

Without announcement

Dunes of rubies

Windswept sprials

Like makeshift altars

Soon collapsing

Without your essence

God bless this timid crumbling



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