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Forever Embraced


Scorching touches

And auburn hair

Fading light

Makes passionate encounters

Dazzling laughter

Brilliant smiles

Skin so soft

Like the feel of rose petals

Adoring eyes

In a perfect face

Sweet breath on my chest

My arms around his waist

Whisper love

Profess it now

Or else be bound

To societal woe

Teasing glances

On a starlit night

A feeling that has no comparison

Words cannot speak

I dare not even try

Touch me with the hands of an explorer

Touch me and kiss death away

Lay your love on me

Stay till the dance is over

Sway so smoothly

Your hips next to mine

Your lips so divine

I never want this moment to end

Please don't let this dream awake

Naked in the moonlight

Writhing till the dawn

Making love in the grass

In this deserted world

There is only you and I

Everything else just fades away

Time will not ebb

This proud stance

This angelic glow

Shall not dim

Here we lay

Forever embraced



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