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Exquisite Days


Nothing grows

In a barren land

Emotions froze

In a mountain of sand

I see fear

As the gunman draws

Bound in a tear

And limited by flaws

The roses thorn

Draws my blood

My soul torn

And mired in mud

I am followed

By a looming shadow

I've been hollowed

By this stinging sad-low

I've been captured

Lost in your grace

I am enraptured

By your perfect face

Dancing clowns

Spinning about

In ballroom gowns

And coming out

So very soft

In your angelic rage

You've made your loft

Into my cage

Feel my pain

And loosen your grip

Don't refrain

As you begin to to strip

Look at yourself

And lose the trash

Your trophy shelf

Burned to ash

Talk to me

And keep it simple

Set me free

As you flash those dimples

Monster forces

Out on the roam

Stampeding horses

Taking me home

Exquisite days

And passionate nights

Tragic plays

In saddened plights

Darkened stares

Like a loaded gun

Selling wares

Out on the run

Brimming emotions

In our final chance

Such devotion

In the ultimate romance

Take cover

As the air grows cold

My lover

The one that I hold



Tags: love

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