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Deceptive Romance


Deceptive romances often end

Some broken hearts never mend

Birds shall not soar on the wings of a lie

I won't submit to a request to die

I will not be you secret closet fling

I'll not be fooled by the lies you bring

You re-open the wound after the blood soaks through

You may be here, but you'll never be true

I swing my love from the chanelier

But you'll never admit to anyone you're queer

You swear to me by the lines in my palm

You'll say anything to restore my calm

You're the master while I'm the beginner

I'm not a saint, but you are a sinner

You keep saying I've got nothing to gain

You're doing us in, can't you feel the strain

I am the cup from which you sip

You are the drug that loosens my grip

When in company your passion pales

The truth will save you before you fail



Tags: lost love

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