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My Kryptonite
You are my unknown, my unseen. My heart screams out for you. For 3 yrs it's been you. I've hated you, and I've loved you. Very few people know you and I exist. Including her. You coax me on, and make me feel like a goddess. Then disappear when she's near. They wouldn't believe how much we speak, Technology bringing this distance closer. I've cried over you. And I've asked you for advice for another love. You know me. You've helped me. You admire my strength, and stick by me With my incessant need for attention. We've made love, and dream of it again. And she still doesn't know. You hate me for our past. You hate how blunt I am. You're scared of my instability. My jealousy. Yet you're always drawn back to me. And for three years we've played these games. Pushing each other away, only to be drawn back together. But tonight you disappeared. Again.

sounds like young love, i love it :)