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Nothing Remains


The time has come

The time is now

The sorrow hums

On my teary brow

There is no hiding

It had to be

To much riding

On the words you speak to me

Dark clouds rolling

Over this sun

Despair is strolling

Away from my fun

Walls that were

Once art deco

Hold no cure

For the faint empty echo

No words

Will end this night

No bird

Will ever take flight

The room is dark

The dream has died

We walked in the park

As you vowed and lied

The rain is falling

The streets are bare

I'm still calling

But you don't care

The sun swings

To winter's bitter bite

The reaper sings

As his grip grows tight

I cannot doubt

For me it was real

You came out

And sweetened the deal

The storms have swept

The sea is churned

As I wept

I have also learned

How to survive

How to stay sane

To be alive

When nothing remains



Tags: lost love

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