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The Darkside Of Love
Giving in to what seems like the right option , Love .

Giving someone your time , your attention ,& your support ..
The right to tear you down from everything that you are .

Giving them the right to analyze everything you do .

Letting them into your world ,
to see who you are, &what your all about ,
your thoughts, your emotions, your views on life .

Sharing a heart .

Crying, tear after tear until theres no more left .

Waking up to what seems like a normal day,
& not having a clue to what that day holds.

First kiss , turns to last kiss
within ' a blink of an eye .

*Self Conscious ;

Being told that you 're everything to them &
finding out you were nothing but a lie .

Dark side of Love , Total mind control .

Tags: lost love

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