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I Will Rise


How did I get here?

What road did I take?

How could I give in to fear?

I put everything at stake


Why have you not gone?

Why am I not all alone?

Although everything was wrong

You let me come back home


I should not be in your grace

But survival tells me not to dwell

How can you look at my face?

When I should be standing in hell


My sorrow shall never end

But it won't get me down

I won't lose my best friends

I'll not sport a frown


Won't let myself sink

Won't let myself drown

I will use my ink

To regain my crown


I will rise from this abyss

I will rule my life

Let me promise this

I will end this strife


Learning how to live

So one day, I'll be king

One day I shall give

Comfort to those that feel the sting


I know I can do it

I have love on my side

I will not quit

Won't let myself hide


Gonna put this behind me

The world will know my name

Gonna make this recovery

I hope and pray you feel the same




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