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Star-lit explosions

Dance like fire

Glowing in your eyes

Suffer corrosion

As I re-aquire

The light that never dies

I have walked along this path

For far too long

With no one but myself

Inflamed with wrath

I know how wrong

Are the cards I've been dealt

The face in the mirror

So dour and sad

Longing for the embrace

I'm wishing for you nearer

Fearing I've been had

Anchored to this place

The closet door opens

And I step forth

Into the storm's rage

I shall dust off these old pens

As the words spill forth

To this ever friendly page

Livid in this birth

Trapped in the waste

Freedom will not be mine

This is my worth

Delicious to the taste

Sour like unaged wine

I cannot breed my style

This life is too cramped

Magic remains disguised

Walking in single file

Feeling I've been tramped

Yet I'm still mesmerized




Tags: angst

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