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Sour From The Grapes


Vengeful remarks

Squeezed from a dare

Bound by the dark

Seeking out to care

The passenger seat

Is empty on this drive

I feel so beat

Since I left the hive

Searching for hours

With no luck at all

Missing the flowers

I'm starting to fall

The wind is wilting

This perfect single rose

A victimless jilting

Where nothing ever grows

A bulky dismal mass

Sour from the grapes

An impossible class

Of hillbilly apes

A battle not forged

The center of lost cause

An ego engorged

Defies all known laws

The perpetual loser

Knows no success

Like the constant boozer

Gets too much rest

We are floating

On a buzzing lake of lies

We are boating

On the deception that never dies

Devouring poison

From the cup that I sip

Devouring the boys in

The vanity they drip

Thoughts of greed

Temptations of lust

Warnings to heed

Indulge them we must

Dancing nude

In the frosty star shine

We intrude

On the cozy far line

Descriptive truths

Fall on your flawless skin

Congregational booths

Pot boilers of lucid sin

Light breaks

On yonder happiness

Love takes

From those sans witness

Quivering hearts

Sing in cryptic tones

Falsified starts

End in jagged stacks of bones

Climbing ivy

Spread on tiles

Crying Ivy

Can be heard for miles

My solitary

Is fuel for the maddening

So wary

Of this futile bad end scene

Dancing puppets

Begging for the cut string

Heralding trumpets

Sun soaked on dove's wings

Listening close

For the distant falling shout

Another dose

Before your coming out

Boisterous games

Played by curious boys

Chastised by flames

As they forsake their toys

Forbidden desire

As it takes to flesh

Fanning the fire

Until we're enmeshed




Tags: angst

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