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Delicious Taunting


Dapper souls

In an enchanting trance

Leading roles

In a paperback romance

Lips locked

And tongues intertwined

Bodies rocked

The feeling sheer divine

A thousand words

In a simple flirt

A flightlless bird

Mired in hurt

A love that smoulders

Ever ready to burn

One that grows bolder

And so eager to learn

One that bows

To my vain whims

One that vows

The light shall not diim

A kiss like fire

Yet sweet to the taste

Flying higher

In a sky too blue to waste

A touch like silk

Beads on his skin

Smooth like milk

Banishing my sin

Delectable bones

Embracing the pain

Skipping stones

On the sincerity you feign

Tides ripped

In a vicious moon

Flesh gripped

In a physical monsoon

Day and night

One constant mix

Dark and light

Playing cruel tricks

A precious haunting

On this river of prose

A delicious taunting

Set adrift on this rose




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