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Satisfying Secret

Eyes so delicate, words so sweet,

plausible, making you want to believe,

making you want to hang on her every word,

gaze so venomous, luring you to her,

makes me sick because I know that i’m

Kissing the same lips that tell all the lies,

What’s worse is that I know it and I still

don’t say a word, I keep the role of her

vulnerable, witless marionette, in the sick

puppet show play that she puts on in her head,

For everyone to see her cruel powerful ways,

and the effect she has on me,

the way she uses me as

a pawn to feel all the more in control,

I am her victim, and she loves it,

she loves that I am inferior to her,

it pleasures her for me to fall prey to her mind games,

I am the servant, she the monarch,

my everlasting ruler, as I obey her every whim,

meanwhile being strummed like a banjo

in her own pathetic orchestra of songs about the oblivious

souls to be pitied like my own,

for all they see is that we are too naive to see,

that its all about how foolish we look to be bowing down,

to the one putting us through such agony in this torture chamber,

hooking us up as studies in her selfish experiment,

she’s the fireball attached to the arrow being shot at my head,

I am blind folded for this outrageous act,

and they do not see,

that I am outside myself looking down on the scene,

I see everyone looking on,

Pitying me like i’m some poor forsaken soul,

I see what your doing,

Has It ever crossed your shallow minds,

that perhaps I like such treatment?,

Maybe I like the deceit,

the secrets,

the abuse,

The way she jerks my heart around,

And Barks orders like I’m her slave,

It’s such a sick sweet masochistic pattern,

that I’m in no way shape or form about to stop any time soon,

Secretly I enjoy the way she makes me beg for her to stop or stay,

I enjoy her sadistic ways of making me pay for disobeying “My Master”.

Her malevolence turns me on,

How she is in no way merciful,

How she torments me,

How sadistic she seems to be as we fuck and she leaves my beaten,

and welted body to weep afterwards,

when I secretly am loving every second of her dominating ways,

I play the fool,

sure I play the victim,

but the trick is on her because little does she know,

that I worship the ground she walks on,

because by me giving into her sick ways,

she is also giving into mine,

I own her, I manipulate her manipulation,

and none of you have a clue how much I enjoy the pain,

How I long to be punished,

So go ahead and bask in my humiliation,

I enjoy being the star in my own secret puppet show,

where in reality,

she is the one being controlled,

the strings aren’t really in her hands at all.

Their in mine.

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