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your head throbs ..you cant focus , your vision is distorted. You put on metal music.

its loud, heavy, harsh..it makes your head hurt a little more but dull the pain//makes sense?

it fits the mood im in: angry, pissed tired and sick..I have things to do..dont want to do them. just want my head to stop hurting wtfh!

the music..express me ...say just what i feel..drains the negative//its course is running out..

energy creeps in..slow but steady...sex would feel better ..
it would be a mask...it would forgive the pain and bring pleasure...

but its a bandaid..a dangerous one at that..like a drug it can kill you..but slower...
meditation will put you to sleep and you have to move...physics sucks and mental chemistry holds you back.

Depression is the diablo i freakin swear....my attitude is F****d today but i will get out today..you wont control me.


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