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God & i
I wish to confess, as best I can bear
But my heart is empty and so is the mirror
I can see my face full of loathing and fear

I know blade cannot change the lines of fate
Nevertheless, I have bled myself in that rage
I seek knowledge, not belief, not surmise. But knowledge
Reality of you, reality of me, right here on the edge

Is it so hard to conceive thee?
In one’s senses? Then unbound me
Set me free, to feel, to see

How can I believe the believers and in what they say?
When I do not believe and know myself
I did destroy you within me night and day
However, you're still there in a painful and humiliating way

I wish to rip you out of my heart, thoughts and mind
However, yes, you remain in me as a mocking reality
While walking the edges in void
We create an idol of our fears and worship as God…

Tags: philosophy

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