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Peaches and Cream

Knowing that our love is one
our escapade has just begun
our journey to the most extreme
will forfill my every dream

I'll first begin by thrilling you
by doing what you ask me to
my juicy lips will make you wet
but dont' get too excited yet

Next I'll touch you everywhere
and make you scream without a care
with my hands I will caress
when fully you do undress

While you're in a sexy state
I will make your perfect mate
I will soak you with my tongue
and I'll wash you 'til I'm done

I will kiss your every curve
bring lust to your every nerve
make you shriek with ecstacy
be everything that I can be

It will be rough but gentle too
with whips and chains I will tame you
you're hot with every slash and crack
then cooler when I stroke your back

Your manliness will make me cry
with a loud erotic sigh
your juice will just begin to flow
with every movement that you know

Our sexiness will reach it's peak
our libido will cease it's seek
this place of lust is getting hot
with all the nature we have got

Now as I cool you with my come
and chill your body when we're done
this time was an electric dream
just like juicy peaches and cream.

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