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Wizard the Lizard
Wizard the lizard
Had a hankering for fame,
He thought he must have magic powers
If Wizard was his name!
But try as he may,
He couldnít do any magic right.
If he tried to turn himself black,
He would come out white!
If he tried to disappear into thin air,
He could be seen from everywhere!
If he tried to saw off his sisterís limb,
His mother would scold and ground him!
And when he tried to conjure ghosts,
Was when he messed up the most!
He picked up his wand and waved it around,
He called the spirits to rise from the ground,
And up they came one by one,
Wizard thought they came to have fun.
But up and away they started to float
And one of them stole his dadís remote!
Of the ghosts, Wizard just couldn't keep track,
So he picked up his wand to send the ghosts back.
He waved his wand to and fro, up and down
But the ghosts would not return underground.
They escaped through the chimney into the night,
Taking the remote out of sight!
Wizard tried to catch them but they were too fast,
If his dad found out, this night would be his last!
He went to the Magic Shoppe to ask for help,
He knew he could rely on his friend Mr. Kelp.
Mr. Kelp was an otter with great power,
And Wizard knew from ghosts he would not cower.
He went to the store and explained what took place,
Mr. Kelp was happy to help such a worried face!
They sett out to find the ghosts in the dark
And found them sliding down slides in the park.
They tried to ask nicely but the ghosts didnít care,
They wanted to bring the remote back to their lair.
They never seen such a great invention
And it captivated all of their attention.
They were willing to take on Mr. Kelpís spells,
And with one flick of his wand Mr. Kelp made them yell.
They were being chased by large vacuums in the sky
The vacuums sucked them all up by and by,
And left behind the remote for Wizard to take back to his dad,
Wizard was no longer worried, now he was glad!
He hugged Mr. Kelp and thanked him as many times as he could,
But Mr. Kelp didnít seem to have understood,
His eyes were focused on the vacuums that continued to fly
Because they started sucking up all the clouds in the sky!

Tags: childhood

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