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Wedding Day
White-tipped augergine faces stare seducingly up at me,
Behind embossed velvet leaves and fresh chartreuse acorns.
They wink and whisper fierily for me to cross the room,
To come closer, just enough for me to hear them,
Just close enough to tempt me into touching them,
In hopes that I may indulge my weakness and run off,
With them in hand.
And, O, how I want to!
Yet, it is still not time and so I gawk at them dumbly
And while chimerical hours pass,
A sour taste rises from my stomach to my lips,
What is this feeling glowing inside of me?
Fervency, the daintly dahlias say.
I twist the shining band around my finger.
I pace the floor,
Wring my hands,
Sit, stand, sit, and stand,
Fairies' laughter fills the room and my eyes fall again to the bouquet.
What's the rush, they ask, knowingly,
And so I do not answer them aloud.
The rush is in case he changes his mind, the uncertainty of it is lethal.
The only conviction can be when...
"He's at the altar, are you ready?"
O, sober voice, my dear friend, I am ready!
The dahlias laugh that fairy laugh,
The leaves sway in dance,
And the acorns sing,
All in rejoice,
For my wedding day.

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