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My carapace
Of Embrace
Is wearing thin
From the outside, in.
I am beginning to reject
Anything suspect
That might disappoint
My established viewpoint.
I was never one for recusal
Let alone so full of refusal,
So what is happening to the flexibility
That distinctly defined me as me?
Perhaps I am jaded
From a world degraded
By blind hate and lies
From both the foolish and the wise,
Who will do whatever they can
To win overzealous fans
Just to further their cause,
Despite its flaws.
And, no matter who it would hurt,
They continue to reach out and convert.
Well, not me this time around,
I refuse to be weighed down.
From now on I'm flying above the din,
Fingers in ears, not listening
To anything but life's sweet tunes
And looking at nothing but Earth's great moon,
Following only the truths sown into my heart
That come from nature and come from art.

Tags: nostalgia

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