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The Two Daisy's
I'm sorry for what I said,
Please don't droop your head.
I don't want you to cry,
Turn your pretty eyes to the sky.
Go ahead and be richly green,
Right on me you can always lean.
Put on that pretty yellow smile,
And let me bask in your radiance a while.
Let your face again be pure white,
Let us not start a petty fight.
Your gentle demeanor is just what I need,
This is why I sowed your seed.

I hope you heard what I said,
That's right droop your head.
I don't care if you cry,
Or miss the beauty in the sky.
I don't care if you're fading green,
Say I'm wrong, or say I'm mean.
Wear that ridiculous yellow frown,
And I hope you wilt to the ground.
Let your white face wither brown,
I'm sick of seeing it around.
Let your heart break and bleed,
Because care nothing for your seed.

Tags: allegory

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