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Pretty Face - By Coco Ice

Who wants to be just another pretty face?
A big disgrace;
Another ďgood girl gone bad,Ē
Because of the bad she had,
Just another couple pounds of negativity,
To circulate within this vicinity called earth,

Who wants to be just another chick?
Who rode everything resembling a stick,
Still canít seem to pick between love and lust,
Although claims in God she trusts,

Sweetie Look into the mirror,
But depart your vacation of hallucination,
By the way,
Makeup can only help so much,
Make other investments,
Hereís a tip: Invest in your character,
Itís the best investment you can make,

Are you ready?
Because it is time you leave your mark,
Not another broken heart,
Be remembered for the good you did,
Not the substantial waste you are,

Every time you got paid for getting laid you thought it was worth it?
Life and money have one thing in common impermanence,
As fast as they come, they go,
So you might as well slowly gain and keep your name,

Pretty can pay the bills, but only a beautiful heart can strongly resist a divorce,
Donít get a guy to only love you for your looks because one day,
Your looks wonít love you,
One day youíll seem less attractive,
Youíll begin to realize who you need in your life,
You donít just need a man,
You need a good man,
But donít be bias because every good man deserves a good woman,
Be that good woman,
Stop finding fault in others,
Stop faking up,
Be real,
Because confidence is the key,
Be genuine, unique and you,
Not just another pretty face,

Tags: philosophy

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