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ďHer DirectionĒ
Criminal You stole my attention All I mention is your beauty and words Itís kind of absurd But what I really heard Was that you think the same way that I do Without a clue I approached you even though I am damaged inside After saying hi Your eyes signaled that you enhance life Now is that right Oh lady is that right * You took something from me That wasnít yours for the taking I noticed my feelings were gone Until I felt your hands that are so warm Looking me into the eyes with sweetness Making me gladly reveal anything you request I hope this isnít a trick and that you really care You stole my sadness and placed it somewhere far away Now I must smile when you come my way * Thief youíre so bad Now I have no reason to be mad No excuses to be sad I hope youíre not a sick twisted fad Iím making changes like youíve asked me to Like youíve asked me to Iím afraid to ask to be rescued even though Iím moved by what you do Please be for me Please be for me Iím lost at sea and you are the only person that I have seen That makes my dreams reality Come on lady we can be freed to find peace Who are you Where did you come from with only love for your thoughts

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