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Hit Me

Hit me baby one more time,
Hit me harder you know you’re mine,
Hit me now you stupid clown,
You know the way you hit me when no one else is around,
I promise that I won’t make a sound,

Hit me, hit me, hit me

Hit me again you old fiend,
Go ahead and destroy my name,
Knock me senseless so you can gain,
Some kind of matter resembling a brain,

Is that all you’ve got?
Hit me with your best shot.

Hit me, hit me, hit me

Hitting me is not unusual,
So why do you look so delusional?

Call me crazy,
Call me stupid,
Last time I checked you were the Dufus,
You are so foolish,
You gave generously,
I hope you are prepared to receive,
As for me I am ready to leave

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