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Seems like the sun has come out today From its hiding place behind the grey Shining on the kids as they play In the swimming pool or on the streets Or sitting on the park bench seats Laughing loudly as they meet Friends they havenít seen in awhile Go to places they havenít been all while The car roofís down for another mile CHORUS I want to hear the sounds of summer, To feel the warmth of its pure rays Taking me back when I was younger And caught up in a sun-soaked gaze But nobody knows how long it will stay With us, before it upís and goes away Sun please let us know, so we can lay Down on this soft grass & feel your heat Once more, and walk upon our bare feet Whilst basking in those booming beats From the radio, turn up that dial Open that window and let down a smile As you take in that sizzling summer style. CHORUS

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