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Drama;; 02-25-10 (thank you life experience and ISS) -_-
Inkept emotions
so out of control
I was way too nice,
so now my anger explodes

You step on me
i'm like pebbles and dirt
I'd love to stab you
so you'd see how I hurt

But no; I just clench my fist
and I grit my teeth
A fight with you plastics,
is not what I need

Cold dead stare
with a passion for bursts
I'll meet you death glare
but you won't see first

This amuzement you find
in my anger and pain
how pathetic you are
this is drama again..

Screaming and yelling
pushes and shoves
this will not be a victory
of me overcome

I'll take you sly arms
and I'll twist them around
here you lose, I stand victor
your face shoved to the ground.

Tags: childhood

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