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The Presumption of Life.

Its funny how in life
your really only told
what not to do
grow up in a fear of conscience
the world owes you nothing
but you owe it everything.

Get so caught up in what was or use to be
never notice today and what it is right now.

And why is it getting so often
that the selfish make it the
furthest in life?
Survival of the fittest
Most of it practice this theory
donít even notice it
be the best, even if you have to step on others.

This world is full of disappointed
Always has been
But still people haven't been
able to get used to it
People won't get so hurt if they

accept this world for what it is, imperfect.

If society was a person
He'd be a dangerous colt leader
Don't like this
Don't date same
Don't be different

What people fail to realize

Let's completely forget
about social differences
and work together to make our world
owe us something for a change,
instead of risking our sanity
on trying to capture perfection.

Tags: philosophy

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