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T-bout-it feat .Tero~ NO PROBLEMS remix

u don want no problemz[nope]

u don wanna get slaughtered[ok]

u don wanna be out in da streets wit no choppaz

ay u don wanna c da copperz 2day

u don wanna be dead in da streetz[naw]

body stankin up 4m da heat[capeesh]

u don wanna be head 2 da ground

gat 2 ya temple wit ya face head down

u don want it[nope]

4 all u lil niggaz dat think dat we a joke

u don wanna choke[naw]

cuz weakness is not a option

we strictly cut throat

i make da semi twirl ya[eww]

u don wanna c ya gutz on da outside

hurl ya

u don want bout-it

u don wanna c me act a donkey

or get roud-it

u don want killa c

u don want killa ke

or her lil brother phootie

u don want trouble t

u don want bad b

or her sista nikki

u don want leah

cuz a legend i heard

dat lil girl will kill

u don want maine

u don want lepe shawn or rue pain

u dont want kisha

wit dem golds in her mouth[nope]

u don wanna met her

u don want nose when he in da picture

conversations will explode

u don want deborah duke

she'll kill u wit her stare[nope]

she aint gotta shoot



ok shout out 2 da president, stone and obama

bitch i got old money, older den yo mama

tryna make a problem, nigga eat da drama

swallow all da pride u got cuz i will take it from ya

charger colored peanut butter, chevy hershey chocloate

hoes on dey knees 2 me like minions to apocolypse

drama? yes im stoppin it

chedda? got alot of it

i treat beef like babies dat aint mine, bitch im droppin it

no more mr. nice guy, hoe i put my smiles up

tero outta bounds, hell naw bitch im fouled up

nigga try me wrong, "911" dey will be dialed up

mr. 7mile in da blood, bitch its MILE UP

aim ya favorite rapper songs at me, u think u dissin me?!?

naw bitch im laughin at cha lame ass, U SICKEN ME

u lookin 4 attention, u wont find it my way

real recognize real, bitch boi u aint in my way

na u dnt want no problem, u aint bout dat action

u aint worth my rhymes, and damned sho aint worth scrappin

Tags: visonary

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