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In the name of Allah
Bishmillah ar- Rahman ar- Raheem

Thinking back I really have no regrets
I mean everyone has thier regrets
Because of God's threats
Well, it's more like a promise
Be aware, your life you should not demolish
Meaning don't destroy your health with dugs and stuff
Our kids are getting bad because they're such in a rush
To grow up and be grown
In this country sex is so well known
At the age of 13 they start popping out babies
Boys disrespect and stop treating them like ladies
What about all the violence in the streets
Brothers dressed in all black in thier car trying to creep
With nothing but murder on their minds
They do this for fun just to pass time
It's a reckless world and eveyday it's getting worse
All the haram in this life makes my chest hurt
So I get down and pray for those
Who are called gangstas and hoes
Who have no true friends but plently of foes
I pray for those
Who don't know any better
Who've lived their whole lives in a stormy weather
Who gets some sort of sick pleaure
Out of harming others
Including thier own brothers
Thier ahks!
Because they spent thier whole life on the block
Grabbing their gats and ready to cock
And blast
We have to make our faith last
We have to pray to the most merciful Allah
Stop worrying about all the gucci and prada
Stop being a paper chaser
Stop worrying about the haters
Be faithful to you and more important GOD
Watch out for all the frauds
Especially the shatian
We have to form a stong bond
And get on our deen
Really believe in the unseen
And accecpt the blessings that HE brings
Because in the afterlife there are no material things

Tags: visonary

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