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To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern
What else is there of life to learn

Love, money, desire, its all the same
The stereotypical society is the only one to blame

Lost is the image of decency and chivalry, forgotten with the sands of time
Now just a hollowed out image worthless as the begotten grime

Values of old are nothing now but food for the birds
Food for thought of the forlorn words

Give me a reason to believe the superficial message force fed
Only if we hadn't overlooked that small presage of the dead

It seems as though all these ads sell something no one can be
Your eyes are open but the signs you cant see

If tragedy is so appealing to society, then disaster must be addiction
Oh it's the fires caused by the politicians' constant friction

What is this over exuberant patriotism?
Only the guise of democratic communism

The fascists of old seem to making their re-appearance in our lovely nation
The subliminal and conforming message broadcasted on every station

If this is all we have to live for
Then I am gone forever more

Now you know the disgusting fact
Will you now take the opportune time to act?

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