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I wouldn't change a thing
Lay yourself on the damp grass Feel the summer breeze as it hits your face soothingly Though the sun shining fiercely, don’t let the heat soak up your energy The tall trees in your direction will cover the ostentatious sunbeam A bird wanders off the bluish dazzling sky So does your mind You’ve been waiting there for quite sometime now, And keep pondering a question, “where is she?” You sit, you recumbent, you get up, you cross your legs And the cycle goes on numerously Right in the heart of the city, people walk around No one seems noticing your presence as if you’re invincible You don’t give a damn thing because she’s the one you care about People might see you unease But deep down inside you are contented And you would not change a thing so the feeling lasts Grasping the truth that what matters to you at that moment is to be with her A smile is all you have No, she is all you have Without her, you would not smile this wide

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