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First it was knowledge, then it was wisdom.  The power I've gained through experience now was never expected.  I thought I would fail in my training, but come to find out, that was apart of the training.  Let us learn from our mistakes, shall we? 

Now, ever so powerful, I'm just ever so responsible.  Sure, I can corrupt your mind.  Take your body and do as I please; or even persuade you do to my work for me.  Ha, the power I've gained to is more than enough to dominate this world.  But that's too easy.  Dominating this world could take as many days as it to did create it.  I think the hard part would be to correct it.  That is what is responsible, unfortunately its also the difficult part.  Suppose I have the same power to save lives, and direct them towards salvation. 

But let us no underestimate this power.  For it is I, that is all powerful. 

Tags: visonary

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