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shesss back

talking; yo you know nina aint about shit

she cant spit

she a trick

she gone anyway

i think i can take her placee.


Nina laughs;yeah yeah yeah thats what you think butt shess back !



i took over the verse and i aint need permission too

im officially the best fuck you and your future two

im the fucking reason why your blood stay drippinq through

i let you niqqas stick around like feed back

acting like i give damn when i dont need that

go ahead give me top you know i need that

love you on your knees

& you love to eat my seeds

see im back like i never left

shootinq bullets like i qot a million left

im your coach matter fact the ref

and you got fouled for the wrong steps

3 shots to rest

2 hit the chest

and one made it splatter

now that i think of it it hit the gallbladder

cause i bust up you chest

bust up your liver

bust up your lungs

make your body shiver

now who you know got those figures

more shots fired from the AK

thats ,my entrance wanna replay

cause the word around town is shes back this time

and by she they mean the best the writter of this rhyme

this rap shit is minee

ask the fuck aboutt me baybeee



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